Got some JSON you want to build into a model and test?

It can be pretty tedious writing all of that code. Instead, why not generate the assert* code automatically? I've been writing code manually for a while now and finally decided to build something to write that boilerplate code for me.

I've put up a live version for anyone to use, as well as open-sourced it on GitHub. Let me know what you think!

Here's some JSON to test with:

     "id": 2,
     "name": "An ice sculpture",
     "price": 12.50,
     "tags": ["cold", "ice"],
     "dimensions": {
         "length": 7.0,
         "width": 12.0,
         "height": 9.5
     "warehouse_location": {
         "latitude": -78.75,
         "longitude": 20.4