android-parcelable-intellij-plugin (Android)

  • Began contributing: Feb 2014
  • This tool generates Android Parcelable implementations based on fields in the class. Corresponding blog post: A Better Parcelabler.

Paperless (Android)

  • Opened: Nov 2012
  • Paperless is the end result of prototyping an application for the "rung" team at Lehigh Valley Startup Weekend where we took first place.
  • Paperless—in its current state—allows for synchronous and asynchronous drawing, saving, and loading of 'papers'.

parcelabler (PHP) (PHP)

  • Opened: Sep 2011
  • Javascript-based tool for manipulating and getting information about the pasted data

adt-plus (BASH)

  • Opened: Mar 2011
  • Just a few handy scripts for dealing with Android development

Puree (PHP)

  • Opened: Jan 2011
  • Javascript and CSS compression/combining

Heatmap (PHP5)

XSLTD (Scala)

  • Opened: Jan 2011
  • XSLTD's goal is to provide a daemon specifically for transforming XML via XSLT in a more rapid pace. In PHP, for example, we're left to deal with the overhead of loading an XSL document into memory on every page load, which is a large portion of the XSL transformation process. By retaining the parsed document in memory, we save a significant amount of time with only a minor trade-off of potential network overhead.

Lightr (PHP5)

  • Opened: March 2008
  • This project isn't maintained any more but does contain code for interacting with BOSH servers and XMPP servers and is written in PHP5 Object-Oriented code.