If your Motorola Droid 2 is in a state of constant loading (at the startup/splash screen) something has gone awry with your device. Unfortunately, the only way I know to resolve this is to perform a hard reset. This hard reset wipes the operating system of the device and reinstalls it from memory. You will lose your installed apps and have to re-download them. If you purchased apps, as long as you log in to the device with your same email address, you will be able to download the apps again for free.

To perform a hard reset of the device,

  1. Completely turn off the device (remove the battery from the device).
  2. Put the battery back in
  3. Open the keyboard, and hold the X key and then hold the power button.
  4. The device should turn on with a triangle with an exclamation mark with an Andy (the green Android mascot)
  5. Click the Search icon on the keyboard (not the soft key on the screen)
  6. Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu. Volume up/Volume down for up and down respectively. Navigate to Wipe data/Factory reset.
  7. Click the Camera button (hard key on the side) to select this option.
  8. Tap the Menu soft key (on screen) for “OK” to clear the device.
  9. Once complete, navigate to “Reboot system” and click the Camera button again to accept.

The device should now reboot and start up properly. You’ll have to re-activate the device and go through the standard set up process, but at least your device works now!