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A little bit ago (okay, a long time ago) I wrote a blog post about a tool I wrote for creating Parcelable implementations for Android. At time of writing, I knew it wasn’t a great solution, but that at least it worked… Since then, I constantly put off writing what I thought would be a better solution: an IDE plugin.

So last week, I embarked upon the journey of making a plugin for Android Studio. I immediately saw that something existed, but it was a bit older, and not quite as feature-packed as I had hoped. So, I took it upon myself to make some enhancements and submit a pull request.

I’ll be continuing development under my fork, where you’ll always be able to grab the latest as I work on enhancements. Please feel free to fork and submit pull requests as well.

Check out the plugin…

One thought on “A Better Parcelabler…

  1. Antonio

    hello Dallas
    thanks for your Parcelable tool

    I have a doubt, when you have a class that inherits from another. Do they have to implement Parcelable the two?
    I actually have an object with attributes that are objects of other classes and collections, but I get errors ClassCastException.
    A part of the structure:

    class Grado{
    private int g, m, s;

    CuerpoCeleste class {
    protected String name;
    protected Grado position;
    protected String sign;


    class Planeta extends CuerpoCeleste {
    private boolean esRetrogrado;
    private boolean visible;


    I understand that you all have to implement Parcelable, correct?
    best regards

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